Dekha Ek Khwaab
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Dekha Ek Khwaab is a TV serial on Sony TV. The drama Dekha Ek Khwaab is based on a popular book and movie Princess Diaries. Dekha Ek Khwaab is a story of a girl and her dreams.
Channel – Sony TV
Timing – Mon-Fri 8:30pm




She is just a simple girl who has lived a simple life – or so she thinks. Monia is happy with the little that life has given her. She has a father that she adores and who has brought her up with all the love he could possibly give her. Unfortunately he has not been able to give her much else. They are poor and always have been. When we meet them, they are living in a chawl in Mumbai, with her father Murari Lal working as a night watchman. But the father and daughter are happy – they have each other and they count that as everything in the world. It is her father who has given Monia her values and her lessons in life. he has taught her that you must be rich in your heart, not in your life. They have travelled across India, going from one small town and one small job to another. Now at last Monia is hoping to settle down in one place. But little does she know that her world is about to change.

Her father is arrested by the police. A bewildered Monia is told that he is wanted on a very old case of kidnapping. When she asks who it was who he is supposed to have kidnapped, she is told – ‘you’. With that one revelation, her past becomes a lie and her future becomes a mystery. The man that she has loved with all her heart as her only family, is actually the man who stole her from her real family. Her real family has searched for her for 16 years. Now when she finally meets them, she is in for anotehr shock. They are immensely and utterly rich. So the poor girl from the chawl suddenly finds that she is actually from a world that is super priviliged and rich like few people can dream off. Not only does she have wealth – she also has all the family that she has so longed for. She has a mother, a grandmother and, above all, a sister.

Monia is taken to her new family. She has to learn the life of the rich. She also has to learn to hold onto her principles and stay rich in her heart even as the riches around her could turn her head. She has to learn how to walk, talk, dress and behave. And above all, she has to learn how to have a family. As the story unfolds, we learn that all is not well. Nothing is as simple as it seems on the surface. There are hidden motives for the family to want her back. There are intrigues and mysteries.

A simple girl from the chawl has to learn to live a life she never dreamed of in her wildest imagination. She has to learn to fit into another world. And she has to learn to hold onto all that she held dear even when she was poor. As she learns secrets about her family…. as her sisters love proves to be false… as she is put to test after test… the chawl girl will show that she is rich indeed in her heart.

  • Character Artist
    Shahbaaz Khan - Brijraj/ Anita Kulkarni - Komal/ Giriraj - Amit Behl/ Ali Raza Namdar - Doctor Sahab/ Sujata Sehgal - Menka/ Mark Parakh - Vijay/ Prithviraj - Uday Tikekar/ Rajpurohit - Sanjay Gandhi/ Sulakshna Khatri - Mantra/ Aenna Jaysinghani - Chikki/ Kanchan Dogra- Sohni/ Ankita Bhargav - Unnati/ Leena Prabhu - Mrs Verma/ Kamal Maalik - Mr Verma/ Radha Israni - Amma/ Rajesh Jias - Murari/
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Aroona Irani
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Priyal Gor
Manyata ( Moniya)
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Ashish Kapoor
image character
Abhishek Rawat
Akash Verma
image character
Shreetama Mukherji